Having Trouble Finding the Motivation to Exercise? Try This.

Exercise mini habits

Do 1 Push-Up.

That's right.

Only 1.

I can't coin this piece of advice.

It's directly from Stephen Guise.

If you haven't heard of him, I'd be doing you a disservice by not mentioning his books Mini Habits & Elastic Habits.

They could be the spark that your 'exercise-ignition' have been searching for.

You never know.

So, why '1 Push-Up?'

I'm sure you're wondering what the, 'trick,' here is, or why only one exercise and rep is suggested

Perhaps you do know and you just haven't tried it yet yourself.

There are really two keys at play here.

The first:

A workout consisting of almost nothing is better than a workout actually consisting of nothing.

The Second:

This one is almost more important, however, both keys work synergistically and cannot be independent of one another.

Getting started is the hardest part, and having your criteria for both starting and ending an activity consist as the lowest possible benchmark of, 'completion,' essentially guarantees that you will not only start the activity--but you'll complete it too.

In other words, you'll easily overcome any activation energy--a la James Clear--and most likely continue beyond your base-criteria since the goal you're initially aiming for is so small.

You'll easily start since the goal is small, and you'll most likely continue since, again, the goal is small.

That one push-up could very well turn into twenty push-ups, ten pull ups, ten squats, and ten sit-ups.

So much for missing a workout!

I myself have used it often on days where I'm dragging.

I'll typically say to myself, "Just do one set for the main exercise, and everything else is gravy."

...and 45 minutes later, I've completed my entire workout.

If you're struggling to get the ball rolling, give this method a shot.

I can vouch for it.

If you have your own tips or suggestions for overcoming low motivation, let me know below.

I'd love to hear them.


Your Pal,



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The Chemistry of Building Better Habits by James Clear

Take The One Push-up Challenge by Stephen Guise

Mini Habits by Stephen Guise

Elastic Habits by Stephen Guise

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