Group Coaching

Read First

I currently connect my group coaching program with Substack, and if you do decide to ultimately join, you can do so here, or the larger link right below.

*Click here to visit the group coaching subscribe page.*

(1) What You Get by Joining

(1) Subscribers Only Group Where I Answer EVERY Question posted.

  • Yes, every question.

(2) Monthly Video Q&A

  • You’ll be notified a month in advance regarding the time of the Q&A, and it will be saved to view later—questions can be submitted prior to date.

(3) Bonus Weekly Column

  • This column will be for whatever is most requested, otherwise it will be on any current topic I am thinking about

(4) Full Content Archive

  • Namely referring to the paid-for content—column, eZine, and so on.

(5) 2x/Month eZine Covering Most Recent FAQs

  • I will format all the most recent FAQs of the past two weeks into a very easy-to-read digest.

(6) Early Access to Products & Excerpts Before Launch

  • I will often ask for feedback and/or share what I am working on during production and prior to launch.

(7) While Subscribed: 25% Discount on Future eBooks & 15% on eCourses - Coupons Available at Launch

  • As long as you’re an active subscriber, you’ll qualify for a discount coupon for all future products which you’ll receive via email prior to product launches.

(VIP Plan) Private Priority VIP Group · Optional Monthly 20 Minute Coaching Call or Email/Instant Message Session

  • I will always answer questions for this group first, before attending to any other coaching matters.

  • Regarding the optional monthly call: I’d recommend preparing your questions beforehand, and, if you want detailed, well-thought-out answers, I would recommend choosing to do this over email.

(2) Topics Covered

(a) I currently post 5-7x free articles per Week - Excluding Holidays - on the topics outlined below.

(b) Topics that are covered here include but are not limited to the following, alongside the ‘sub-topics’ listed:

  • (1) Gut Health

    • IBS

    • Gluten Intolerance

    • Fructose Malabsorption

    • SIBO

    • Nutrition

  • (2) Testosterone Replacement Therapy

  • (3) Longevity

    • Safe Exercise

    • Diet

    • Mental Health/Depression

    • Amino Acid Therapy

    • Sleep

  • (4) Fitness

    • General Athleticism Outside of Bodybuilding

    • Cardiovascular Training

    • Calisthenics

    • Stretching

  • (5) Bodybuilding

    • Training Naturally and Enhanced

    • HIIT

  • (BONUS) Whatever topic or subject my readers/customers/commenters would like me to cover or discuss.

*Click here to visit the group coaching subscribe page.*